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Tunnels & Tunnel Bags

Tunnels are a classic element of dog agility. 

Agility World™ Tunnels are produced from various grades of PVC with light to heavy embossment for traction 

All Agility World™ Tunnel Bags are made from PVC fabric


Our equipment is designed with you and your dog in mind

   Designed for our dogs, approved by our dogs. We put our product to the test with our own dogs 

   and use in our 7 day a week teaching arena

  • Safe & Durable: Suitable for outdoor use our Ultra Trax full grip traction tunnels are coated for pin hole resistance

  • Compact Design: Our 8" pitch 19 oz training tunnels are heavy duty fabric but fold down into a small footprint

  • Portable: Our collapsible design allows for portability. Perfect for easy storage or to bring with you to your favorite agility training spot.

  • Competition Approved: All of our Competition grade Tunnels meet AAC, AKC, CKC, USDAA, and CPE standards

  • Adjustable Our tunnel bags are adjustable to work on different terrains and some work with both 24" and 26" diameter tunnels

Safe | Lightweight | Durable | Compact Design | Portable | Competition Grade | Adjustable

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