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Teeters are a classic element of dog agility. Teeters require skills of balance & timing and were first introduced in the 1970's at the Crufts dog show. Most dogs seem to enjoy the stimulation created by the teeter while some exhibit a distaste for the noise created at impact.

Agility World™ Teeters are produced from all aluminum or a combination of Aluminum and Steel and are finished with a soft, durable, wet poured rubber surface which provides excellent traction and is gentle on the dogs pads.


Our equipment is designed with you and your dog in mind

   Designed for our dogs, approved by our dogs. We put our product to the test with our own dogs

  • Safe & Durable: Designed to ensure there are no exposed rubber edges to crack or chip, which helps to extend the life of a typically hard wearing product. Suitable for outdoors.​

  • Compact Design: All of our Teeters boast a non-obtrusive European style base providing a smaller footprint than conventional seesaw teeters and features a weight tray to hold sandbags

  • Portable: Our collapsible design allows for portability. Perfect for easy storage or to bring with you to your favorite agility training spot.

  • Competition Approved: All of our 12 foot teeters meet AAC, AKC, CKC, USDAA, and CPE standards Units come standard with 36" yellow and 6" red zones to mark 42" overall. If your club regulations call for uniform color we recommend spraying the 6" red section with flexseal liquid rubber. Our products can be custom ordered with 42" yellow zones (allow 90 days for production in season.

  • Reversible: Our Teeters now include removeable weights which can be changed from one end of the teeter to the other to change direction 

Safe | Lightweight | Durable | Compact Design | Portable | Competition Grade | Adjustable

Shipping: Teeters ship internationally via Fedex. Please allow for 2-3 week for delivery. For further Info on our shipping policy please contact us 

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