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  • Why are there only two colour choices in Agility World tunnels ?
    Agility World made the decision to only offer tunnels in Yellow or Blue because these colours offer the highest visibility to dogs as they are at the two extremes of the canine colour spectrum. After years of watching dogs being reluctant to enter Red as well as other fashion colour tunnels, yet enthusiastically running through Yellow and Blue tunnels, we felt that for the safety of the dogs we should produce the tunnels to be as highly visible as possible.
  • How much experience does Agility World have in product design and developement ?
    Agility World is a subsidiary of a 30 Year old Product developement Corporation
  • If my dog breaks a part on my training equipment can I get a replacement ?
    Common requests like replacement weave poles caps etc. are readily available while some rarely requested parts may take some more time usually until the next production run.
  • How Durable are Agility World tunnels ?
    Agility World offers different specifications for each category of tunnels we produce. Our Agility training tunnels utilize a rugged reinforced 20oz PVC fabric making them the best value training tunnels available on the market and because they are 8" pitch they are relatively lightweight and compact for storage Our Competition tunnels are available in 18OZ Traction Aid embossed fabric or 20 oz reinforced fabrics and we also offer 4MM and 5MM heavy duty wire providing extra support in Competitons where wall to wall tunnel bags are often used. Our standard spring steel wire is 3.5mm We produce thousands of tunnels each year using UV and mildew resistant PVC fabric
  • Does Agility World offer any warranty on Agility Equipment ?
    Agility World provides a 12 month prorated warranty against defects in material or workmanship on all aluminum Agility contact equipment
  • What is uPVC and why is it better than PVC ?
    Agility World uPVC is a less toxic more environmentally freindly form of outdoor rated PVC which unlike PVC is recyclable and is more energy efficient from a production viewpoint than wood or metal. Agility World offers this made for Agility World program in Astm Schedule 40 and in Metric sizes.
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