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Our Story

AgilityWorld is a product of years of enthusiasm driving us to collaboratively design & innovate, safe reliable & affordable Agility equipment.

Our product development continues to evolve to meet the constantly changing needs of our sport in both the North American and European markets.

Recently  we have developed tunnels with heavier 4 & 5 mm spring steel wire to provide greater stability and tunnel bag support.  Traction aid surfacing has become the focus of our attention over the last two years along with traction aid tunnel bags. Our contact equipment design has been heavily influenced by World's standards and all of our competition contact equipment is designed using aluminum and soft, but hard wearing rubber surfaces. 

Quick height change design has become a focus on dog walks and teeters and we now provide weight bars in all of our 12 foot teeters that can be moved from one end to the other for easy directional changes. Agility World has developed 6 foot training teeters with guidance from our instructors for foundational contact training which have achieved  some amazing results.

Agility World has begun to use outdoor rated recyclable UPVC material in place of PVC in our jumps, tire jump frames, tables, jump bars, and contact training aids.  

This environmentally responsible material is more energy

efficient than metal or wood.

We thank all of our customers for their help and support over the years.

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