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Designed by Handlers, for Handlers.


This Handlers Choice™ Seesaw Teeter's two-section 12' teeter can be taken apart for easy storage or transport.



  • Size: 12'
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Ideal for: (what size dog)
  • Max weight: (how heavy of a dog can stand on here)
  • Competition approved: (which competition organizations approve of this type of equipment?)
  • Portable: (what size of car it fits in/which seat/ will it fit with an approved kennel in the car?)
  • Extras: Corner protectors and bottom bumpers help to reduce impact and protect the product in transport or storage.



Warranty information:  (not recommended to leave outside all winter, but warranty covers regular summer use (up to 10 days of rain) recommended to bring in if expected to rain for more than 10 days)

12' Seesaw Teeter

SKU: 106747
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