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These clever triangular tunnel bags are designed to fit the contours of an agility tunnel, gripping it without constricting it. The design allows it to be less obstructive than conventional tunnel bags. Both bags are joined together permanently with a strap. Simply place the bags over both sides of the tunnel and push them inwards under the sides of the tunnel securing it in a wedged cradle.  Made from textured PVC material, these tunnel bags are UV and rot resistant. They meet the USDAA, UKI, AAC, CKC, AKC, & NADAC equipment guidelines.

Features include:

  • Each bag holds up to 25lbs of sand
  • UV & rot resistant
  • Single Piece Velcro opening for sand filling
    • *It is recommended to spoon sand into a plastic bag liner when using wet sand funnels are recommended for use with dry sand
      • **Sand not included

Tunnel Bags

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